CCSSA AGM Notice: Thursday 23 July on ZOOM May 18, 2020

Dear CCSSA Member

The development and spread of the novel coronavirus, has totally changed the world and particularly the face of medical care – at least for the foreseeable future. In view of the projected extended local epidemic, and its effects and anticipated effects on all our members and our work, we have to adapt our activities accordingly.  In light of this and the cancellation of our annual congress for 2020, we have made the decision to hold the AGM as anticipated but as an online digital platform. 

The Annual General meeting of the Society will be held as a ZOOM meeting. It will take place on Thursday 23 July from 18h00. The log in details will be forwarded to you closerto the time. Zoom can be accessed by cell phone, landline or computer connection. 

A guest speaker will present a lecture prior to the start of the AGM. The agenda for the AGM will be:

  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Matters arising from the previous meeting 
  4. President’s report 
  5. Treasurer’s report 
  6. Business items
  7. General and urgent matters 
  8. Election of Office Bearers. 

Please forward in writing, any business items that you as a  member of the Society wish to raise at the meeting. Please forward these items to on or before 8 July.

Kind Regards

Prof Fathima Paruk

Honorary Secretary CCSSA

18 May 2020

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