CCSSA AGM: Thursday 29 OCTOBER 2020 – including APP Launch, Awards and Marc Lottering show September 10, 2020

Dear CCSSA Colleagues

The Annual General meeting of the Society will take place on THURSDAY 29 October 2020, 18h30 – 20h30.

It will be a virtual meeting and the link to attend will be forwarded to you.

The program will be as follows:

  1. Welcome – 2 mins (D Gopalan)
  2. App Launch – 15 mins (Royal House)
  3. Dr Reddy’s talk – 5 mins (Dr Reddy)
  4. AGM
    1. Opening and Acceptance of minutes – 5 mins (D Gopalan)
    2. President’s Report – 10 mins (D Gopalan)
    3. Treasurer’s Report – 10 mins (B Levy)
    4. General – 5 mins (D Gopalan)
    5. Election Results – 3 mins (D Gopalan)
      1. E Cape
      2. Doctor Rep
    6. Awards – 5 mins (D Gopalan)
      1. Best article published in the Southern African Journal of Critical Care in 2019
      2. Best article published in an international journal in 2019
      3. Trade awards
      4. President’s Award
    7. Close AGM (D Gopalan)
  5. Marc Lottering Comedy Set – 30 mins

Comedian Marc Lottering’s  show features his stand-up material with appearances by his popular alter ego’s Aunty Merle Abrahams, Smiley the taxi dude, and Colleen the Cashier from Hell.

The CCSSA would like to extend their thanks to Marc for his generous offering of his show to the CCSSA. This is a well deserved lighthearted reprieve from the hard work the Critical Care community has invested over the COVID pandemic.

Disclaimer: The Marc Lottering Show is a form of satire and the content does not reflect the opinions, beliefs or principles of the CCSSA.



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