Nitrocine discontinuation August 10, 2021

See attached correspondence:

ISOKET Dosage Card

Nitrocine Discontinuation Notice

In summary:

  • An online GSK and Ethicare meeting was held Wednesday 4th August  to prepare Professional bodies verbally of the discontinuation and provide an opportunity for discussion,  to avoid Specialists from receiving a letter with no forewarning. All relevant Professional bodies were invited, however attendance was limited.
  • A stock build of 18 months’ supply based  on the past years run rate has been created. The stock is on controlled supply, to avoid overbuying and depleting the stock build, providing specialists time to move over to Isoket, which is the remaining IV nitrate in the market.
  • GSK reason for discontinuation was a commercial decision due to the complexity of manufacturing the two nitrates, and the demand globally for Isoket verses Nitrocine is 70/40%. In SA Nitrocine is the favourable molecule however the SA market is small in comparison.
  • GSK will continue to  manufacture Isoket and are committed to providing stable supply of the remaining IV Nitrate in the SA market.
  • I have attached the digital dosage card for Isoket, for ease of transition for Specialists, ICU and Cath Lab sisters.
  • Any objections and queries, please contact
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