The Education Committee


The Education Committee is allocated a budget for funding education initiatives in the following categories:

  1. Research
  2. Education
  3. Training

Decisions regarding the distribution of funds will be made by the Education Committee and will be final without further discussion. The Committee will review applications twice a year i.e. end June and end Nov each year.

The official application form must be used by all applicants and submitted to the Secretariat. Research applications must contain ethics approval.

The Society has drawn up a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to inform sponsorship applications in relation to the Critical Care Congress and Scientific Meeting attendance.

This SOP excludes the following applications which fall under the domain of the Training or the Education and Research Committees:

RESEARCH: Competitive research funding is available to support Critical Care- related research. Funding may be used for expenses such as equipment, running costs, laboratory expenses, staffing, materials and publication costs. Congress-related expenses will not be supported by this grant.

EDUCATION: Education is defined as all matters of education, outreach and continued education that concern the Society, its members and the field of Critical Care.

TRAINING: Training is defined as activities and teaching aimed at improving critical-care related skills, for any discipline.

Commitee Members

Ivan Joubert (Chair)

Fathima Paruk

Sean Chetty

Robert Wise

Juan Scribante

Lincoln Solomon

Bronwen Espen

Brenda Morrow

David Skinner – KwaZulu-Natal

Malcolm Miller – Western Cape

Lizette van der Merwe – Eastern Cape

Heleen van Aswegen – Gauteng