Southern African Journal of Critical Care


The official journal of the CCSSA is the Southern African Journal of Critical Care. The Journal is sponsored by the Society to encourage research and learning in the fields of Critical Care Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. The editor and editorial board are appointed by the CCSSA Council. All articles are peer-reviewed and must conform to the highest ethical and scientific standards.

The Journal has been in continuous publication since 1985 and two issues are published per year. The journal is published on-line between 2 and 4 times a year.


Editorial Board:

Prof Brenda Morrow (Editor-in-Chief)

Dr Kim De Vasconcellos (Senior Associate Editor - Medical)

Prof Petra Brysiewicz (Senior Associate Editor - Nursing)

  • Fathima Paruk
  • Dean Gopalan
  • Prof Ivan Joubert
  • Prof Lance Michell
  • Dr Alison Lupton-Smith
  • Dr Malcolm Miller
  • Dr Debbie Baker
  • Dr Rob Wise
  • Dr Kuban Naidoo
  • Prof Isabel Coetzee
  • Dr Gavin Joynt (International)
  • Dr Jeff Lipman (International)
  • Dr NM Mooi (International)
  • Dr Jennifer de Beer (International)
  • Ms Rudo Nyamakura (International)
  • Prof Victoria Bam (International)

The Journal is accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training which means South African universities can claim a research output subsidy for articles published. Articles are also published on the SCieLo and African Journals on-line websites. Currently there is no fee to submit or have an article published.

First class medical team
A prize is awarded for the best publication by a South African author in the SAJCC. This prize of R10000.00 is awarded by the Society annually to encourage local research and publication.
The Society is grateful to companies that market intensive care products that help to support the Journal by placing advertisement in the printed issue.