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Guidelines: Management of sepsis and septic shock 2021

Sepsis is life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dys- regulated host response to infection [1]. Sepsis and septic shock are major healthcare problems, impacting millions of people around the world each year and killing between one in three and one in six of those it affects [2–4].1 Early iden- tification and appropriate management in the initial hours after the development of sepsis improve outcomes.

Prof Mervyn Mer’s Presentation at CCSSA Update – 8 May 2021

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CCSSA Update – 8 May 2021

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South African Guidelines on the Determination of Death

Death is a medical occurrence that has social, legal, religious and cultural consequences requiring common clinical standards for its diagnosis and legal regulation. This document compiled by the Critical Care Society of Southern Africa outlines the core standards for determination of death in the hospital context. It aligns with the latest evidence-based research and international guidelines and is applicable to the South African context and legal system. The aim is to provide clear medical standards for healthcare providers to follow in the determination of death, thereby promoting safe practices and high-quality care through the use of uniform standards. Adherence to such guidelines will provide assurance to medical staff, patients, their families and the South African public that the determination of death is always undertaken with diligence, integrity, respect and compassion, and is in accordance with accepted medical standards and latest scientific evidence.
The consensus guidelines were compiled using the AGREE II checklist with an 18-member expert panel participating in a three-round modified Delphi process. Checklists and advice sheets were created to assist with application of these guidelines in the clinical environment (

Critical Care Society of Southern Africa adult patient blood management guidelines: 2019

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Death Determination Checklists

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Family Counselling Form

This form is aimed at assisting doctors record the details of counselling sessions.

The ANZICS guidelines for the management of COVID-19 from the intensive care perspective

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Consensus Statement and Guideline on ICU Triage and Rationing

Critical Care Society of Southern Africa’s Consensus Statement and Guideline on ICU Triage and Rationing